Peter Raine is a 21st Century Nomad.

Raimon Panikkar’s ‘Cosmotheandric intuition’ transformed Peter Raine’s view of Reality to such an extent that he realised he must live it. Trusting in Cosmic Confidence became the cornerstone of his life. Peter draws on insights from these scholars, like Panikkar, Heidegger and Nietzsche to reflect on how human beings can experience the mutation of consciousness required today to move us beyond the ‘calculating frame of reference’ that traps much of Western thinking today.

In 2010 he left civilization, and with his partner Miriam Lancewood he went to live in the wilderness. They wanted to learn how to hunt&survive in the wilderness, and they wanted to find out what happens to the mind and body, when living in the beauty of the wildest nature on earth.

Miriam Lancewood

Miriam wrote a book about their life in the wilderness, called “Woman in the wilderness”. It became an international Best-seller, and is now available in English, French, German, Dutch and Chinese. Look for more information on miriamlancewood.com

To buy the book, E-book or Audio book online
look on miriamlancewood.com or click here.